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Customized Massage


This session is perfect if you wish to focus on only one area of the body (ex. shoulders) or if you are trying to establish a self care habit but are short on time. We will use a mix of Swedish, Deep Tissue and Myofascial Release to accomplish your goals. Leave here feeling refreshed!

Thirty Minute Session   $55

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If your stress level is high and you are feeling it in your shoulders, back, or neck, it is time to restore with this sixty minute session. You can choose to focus on the one area where you need it the most (ex. upper body) or an overall massage to bring you a sense of calm. Depending on your goals, we will customize your session with a mix of Swedish, Deep Tissue and Myofascial Release. 

Sixty Minute Session  $85

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When you truly need some time for yourself and are ready to commit to feeling your best, this is the only session that will do. This ninety minute massage gives you plenty of time to get some relief from back, shoulder and neck pain, as well as enough time to truly relax. We will use a mix a Swedish, Deep Tissue and Myofascial Release techniques to help achieve your goals for the session. Leave here tension free, standing taller and totally rejuvenated!

Ninety Minute Session $115

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Prenatal Massage


This sixty minute session helps the expectant mother relieve stress and strain as the body changes, especially in the low back and hips. We work with women in each trimester, adjusting our techniques accordingly to ensure the safest massage experience for mom and baby. This is a great way to prepare your body for the challenges of the birthing process. You will be positioned on your side or semi-reclined with lots of pillows (after the first trimester). 

Sixty Minute Prenatal Session  $85

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When you are working hard, preparing to be a mom (or you are already a mom) and dealing with lots of physical change, you need this ninety minute session to fully recover from the current demands of your life. Relieve that low back and hip pain, as well as neck, shoulder or upper back pain from working or holding little ones. You will be comfortably situated lying on your side and semi-reclined in order for us to provide a safe and effective massage for you. 

Ninety Minute Prenatal Session  $115

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Get a discount when you buy 5 Customized or Prenatal sessions at once. This is a great way to help you commit to your self care!

Package of 5 -60 minute sessions     $385 (a $40 savings!)

Package of 5 -90 minute sessions     $520 (a $55 savings!)

To take advantage of the package deals, simply book your first 60 or 90 minute appointment, and when you are checking out just let me know you would like to buy a package. I recommend getting your next appointments on the calendar, and then enjoy the fact that you have already carved out some time for yourself!

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