Ellicott City Massage Therapy Services

Over the years, I have found that the path towards getting out of chronic pain and stress requires much more than just getting a massage. Chronic muscle tension and stress is often your body's way of trying to get your attention and let you know that something is off; that something needs to change. As such, my sessions use a blend of different tools to truly get the results that you are after in your health and wellness journey. 

Signature Massage Session

Your Signature Massage Session will be completely customized to your needs and will help you build an awareness of the shifts that are necessary to start making real change. 

We'll address your current aches and pains, and you will learn some practices that will lead to more freedom and ease in your body. 

To help you recognize the shifts that need to happen to truly break the stress cycle, we'll use a coaching conversation to illuminate those areas. 

Body Mind Coaching is a structured coaching conversation that supports clients in bridging the gap between the body and mind.  Learning to tune in to the body sheds light on what needs to shift in order to move forward with less stress and physical pain.

This 90 Minute Session combines the best of all of these tools, and starts you on a path towards living your life with increased freedom and ease. 

Ninety Minute Session $140

Online scheduling

Discovery Call

Let's connect on a Zoom Call and get clear on where you are currently and where you would like to go in your health and wellness journey. Then if it feels like we are a good fit to work together, we can talk about how I work with my clients to support them in achieving their goals. Please allow for about 45 minutes and be in a quiet place where you can focus and really dive in to your health and wellness goals.

45 minutes-Complimentary

Please call to schedule 410-205-1665

or contact me here.

Jumpstart Day

Join me for this 3 hour Session to help you start feeling better and moving well! Specifically you will receive:

* A movement assessment to determine the best place to focus. 

* You will learn how to quickly and easily drop tension in the area of your body that needs it the most, and how you can easily integrate this into your daily life.

*See how making a physical shift into relaxation mode also shifts your mind and stress levels.

*This will be a customized session unique to you because EVERY BODY  is different! We'll talk about what is most important to you, and how to make it actually happen!

*As the icing on the cake, you’ll get some massage to the area of focus.

*A follow up Zoom call to address any questions/help with implementing the awesomeness into your life. 

Not sure if this is for you? Schedule a Discovery Call with me so we can chat about what would be best for you. 

3 hours-$359

Please call to schedule at 410-205-1665