So What Exactly Is
the Franklin Method?

The Franklin Method is a systematic way of improving movement through the use of dynamic imagery, experiential biomechanics and anatomy. Basically, in order to produce a change in movement we must make a change in the brain first. The Franklin Method has all kinds of fun ways to do just that! The workshops leave you feeling relaxed, energized and full of new understanding of how our bodies are designed to work. 

Founded by Eric Franklin, this method helps you to develop optimal physical and mental skills to keep you feeling strong and at ease in your body. This is beneficial not only to dancers, yoga and pilates teachers or enthusiasts, but to EVERYONE who has a body!! 

The Franklin Method works with the body as opposed to being a method or style of moving that is superimposed on top of the way we move naturally. With a little understanding of function, you can start to move in a way that is not only healthy but enjoyable. It is much easier to stick to a workout program when moving feels good!

I have recently become a
Level 3 Franklin Method Educator!!

This means that I am able to offer exciting workshops such as:

Relax Your Neck, Liberate Your Shoulders

Imagery for a Healthy Spine

Healthy Knees for Life

Pelvic Power

These workshops will take you to a whole new understanding of how the body is meant to work, and will give you several mind/body tools to use to get you feeling fantastic! We can also work one on one to improve your movement skills and reduce your level of tension. 

Stay tuned for a schedule of workshops. 

You can find lots of great videos over on the Franklin Method website and blog at 

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