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Here is some information to help you get to know more about us and what we do. Please feel free to call with any questions at 410-205-1665.

Typically we see clients who are dealing with occasional or chronic pain, and those wishing to deal more effectively with stress. We love to help people realize that they do not have to live with aches and pains, and that taking a moment for themselves is not a luxury, but rather a necessity.

In addition to Swedish and Deep tissue massage techniques, we may also incorporate Myofascial Release into your session.  Myofascial release is a gentle and slow technique that generally yields longer lasting results than just typical massage techniques alone by addressing the connective tissue.

Helen Marie Carruthers, owner, has been a nationally certified massage therapist since 2003. Originally practicing in Northern VA, Helen Marie moved to Maryland in 2009 where she once again developed a client base made up of busy professionals and athletes. She has had success helping those clients with fibromyalgia, and other chronic pain including neck and back pain. For more in depth information about Helen Marie, read her bio here.

By not having to choose a specific style of massage when you book your appointment, you have the ability to discuss your needs and preferences before your session with your therapist. For example, you may need or want some deep work through your shoulders, but prefer more of a Swedish approach through the legs. The prices are based on length of time rather than the type of work we are doing. This way, even if you are not sure what you will enjoy or need, you can communicate your thoughts with the therapist during the session to make sure we are providing a massage that will suit your needs, without having to worry about how much more a deep tissue massage costs, etc.

We make every effort to remain on time with our schedule. For this reason, we ask that you arrive 5-10 minutes early for your session. If you do arrive late, we will not be able to make up the time, as this would surely make us late for the next client.

Our motto here is quality over quantity. This ensures that the last client we see each day will receive the same high-quality massage as the first. For this reason, we do not accept walk-ins and recommend advanced notice when booking your appointment.

Hope this helps you to know a little bit more about us. We look forward to becoming your massage therapist!

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