Things Have Changed Around Here....

Hi there! I know you landed on this page in search of massage therapy, so I want to let you know first thing that I am no longer providing massage services. I recently retired as a massage therapist after 18 years in the field.

BUT since you're here, I hope you will read on and see how I am still helping my clients with their pain and stress NOW and why I made a switch. 

Over the years, I have found that the path towards getting out of chronic pain and stress requires much more than just getting a massage. Chronic muscle tension and stress is often your body's way of trying to get your attention and let you know that something is off; that something needs to change. 

Several years ago, I started looking for ways that I could help my massage clients when they weren't on my table. As a professional dancer and Pilates instructor, I know that MOVEMENT is the secret sauce to longevity and feeling great in your body. I wanted to help my clients understand how to move well and reduce the amount of chronic tension that it seems most everyone walks around with all the time. 

I can't tell you how many times I've heard clients say this.....

"I carry all my tension in my shoulders"

And I've helped many people get rid of their shoulder tension by giving them a great massage.

BUT it didn't last. 

I could massage the same shoulder tension away over and over again, but it didn't lead to any lasting results. 

My clients would walk out feeling great only to have the same "stress spots" when they came back the next time.


Because nothing was being done to get to the root of the issue. Massages are AWESOME but they can be like a band-aid, just making something feel better temporarily. 

Real change comes from learning how to notice your body, listen to it, moving it often and well, and knowing how to deal with stress. 

So, I became a Franklin Method Educator and BodyMind coach, and began implementing these tools into my massage sessions. 

And because I have seen how life-changing these tools are all on their own, massage became something I no longer felt drawn to do. 

What is BodyMind Coaching?

Body Mind Coaching is a structured coaching conversation that supports clients in bridging the gap between the body and mind.  Learning to tune in to the body sheds light on what needs to shift in order to move forward with less stress and physical pain.

By the way...if you've read this far I should probably introduce myself. I'm Helen Marie and I'm so glad you are here. 

How I'm Helping My Clients Now

Through a combination of BodyMind Coaching and Movement using the Franklin Method I am helping my clients find freedom, ease and joy in their bodies and in their life! 

I can help you improve the things you are already doing all day: your breathing, posture/alignment and how you sit/stand. And you will learn how to move through your day with much less physical tension. This leads to massive improvements in how your body feels.

We work together to get really clear on how you want to feel in your body and in your life, and come up with a personalized action plan to get you there. 

This is for you if :

*You have constantly achy and tired muscles or "knots" that get worse when you are stressed or when you've been at the computer WAY too long. 

*You are feeling like you need a CHANGE and you know you can't keep going with the level of stress you currently have.

*You have used massages in the past as a way to de-stress and find some peace and quiet for your mind and body, and you would love to know more ways to create that for yourself WHENEVER you want to. 

*You really want to start moving more, you just don't know where to begin and can't seem to find the motivation. 

Essentially I help you get quiet and listen to what your body is telling you, and then support you every step of the way as you move towards how you DO want to feel and create in your life. 


Schedule a free CONNECT CALL so we can chat and see if working together is a good fit.

Curious about the Franklin Method? Check out this video to relax the neck and free up your breathing. Or this one to improve your range of motion turning your head! 

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I’ve been going to Helen Marie for almost 5 years, and I hope it doesn't sound too corny, but she's honestly changed my life. Gradually, over the first several months my aches and pains started feeling better. She always gives special attention to my old injuries as well as inquiring as to what’s going on right now, and there always seems to be something new. For example, bursitis in my hip, stiff neck, back sprain, numbness in my legs, tender spots in my back, tight hip flexors. When she introduced The Franklin Method, it opened up a whole new level addressing my aches and pains. I learned from Helen Marie where and how my bones and organs move in relation to each other. It has helped me to visualize what’s  happening when I breathe, twist, or even reach for something. That realization, coupled with some at home exercises that she gave me, have made a noticeable difference in my balance, proprioception, and confidence. I was somewhat resigned to what I thought was the best I could expect from my body, but after learning some of the Franklin Method concepts from Helen Marie now I have the tools to push myself (in a healthy way) to expect more! -K.B.

I have been going to Helen for deep tissue massage for quite a few years (she is the best!) and was excited when she started offering her Massage and Move option using the Franklin Method imagery techniques.  I am typically very tight through my trapezoids and shoulder girdle, and wanted to look at new ways of relaxing this area but at the same time becoming more aware of how I really should be moving.  It was fascinating to learn about moving the shoulder complex in a completely different way and initiated movement through the clavicle instead of my traps (hence the reason they are over-activated all of the time!).  As we moved through the sequence, I could feel not only my shoulders releasing, but my whole was like a wave that I literally felt from head to toe!  It made the massage afterwards even better than it usually is because I went into it with less tension.  I definitely plan on incorporating the Massage and Move sessions into my regular schedule to continue to create more awareness about how my body is moving and how to release tension when it arises.  Thanks Helen!! -L.F.

I have enjoyed regular 60-minute massage therapy sessions with Helen Marie for 3 or 4 years.  She is a gifted massage therapist who has been able to significantly improve neck, shoulder and back discomfort that I periodically experience.  I was aware of her training in the Franklin Method, and when she recently introduced Massage and Move sessions I gave it a try.  

The first session included specific stretching and activating exercises, plus introduced imagery techniques.  The second session offered additional stretching and activating techniques, plus expanded on the imagery.  I found the imagery techniques extremely useful in that it encourages you to focus on those areas of your body that are tight or sore, it helps you understand the interrelationship between different parts of the body and to make adjustments in your daily routine aimed at alleviating some of the issues.  I have incorporated the techniques learned in Massage and Move into my daily stretching and exercise routine, and I have found great benefit. -R.D.